iTi News from: 08-2008  

0% Cholesterol! 0% Fat! 0% artificial flavors & / or colorings! 100% NATURAL!  
 iTi Tropicals is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest product: aseptic single strength natural coconut water manufactured by Sambu Group - the world's leading fully integrated coconut producer - processing no less than 4.5 million coconuts every day. With a stable & consistent supply source of fresh coconuts, we can ensure our customers' thirst for coconut water would be quenched as we meet their growing demand for the long term. 100% natural coconut water with no preservatives, additives & sweeteners is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) as the natural isotonic juice and a natural source of essential electrolytes. The "water or fluid of life" which has a similar chemical makeup to human blood plasma naturally provides effective hydration & mineral replenishment for aiding bodily and muscular functions. ...

* Currently available in single strength* 55 gallon drums and 6 gallon boxes ex warehouse California

* FDA APPROVED - this is a low acid product and requires FDA registration

* Concentrate available - estimate first quarter 2009

Coconut in Codex : In 2004 Codex regulations on fruit juice at an IFU conference in Stuttgart, Paul Zwicker, head of the IFU codex task force, confirmed that after much deliberation the IFU has decided that coconut water is a fruit juice and is therefore subject to the regulations of Codex.

After numerous meetings and subsequent alterations to the regulations the Codex commission finally adopted the new Codex General Standard for Fruit Juices and Nectars by the end of 2005.

By clicking here you can find a copy of these standards.