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Lawrenceville, N.J. (Feb. 27, 2014) - iTi Tropicals, Inc., an industry leader in high quality tropical and exotic fruit puree and concentrates, says the growth trend of coconut water concentrate will continue and feels the coconut business can have significant economic value when virtually every part of the coconut palm is used.

"A coconut tree is called the ‘tree of life' or the ‘tree of giving,'" states Gert van Manen, president of iTi Tropicals, Inc. "The outer husk of a coconut, also known as the coir, can be used in products such as floor mats, door mats, brushes, mattresses, etc. The brown shell of a coconut can be used for fuel or activated carbon and the white meat can either be processed into desiccated coconut, coconut cream, coconut oil or virgin coconut oil. Then there is the coconut water, which is either packaged in a Tetra Pak for the retail market or processed into coconut water concentrate for shipment to export." van Manen goes on to say, "Why put all the effort in growing coconuts for only the water-that's a waste."

There are a few coconut varieties that are grown solely for water in places such as Sri Lanka and Dominican Republic. The coconut water that is available from these varieties is a tiny fraction of what would be needed to sustain a market for coconut water. Today most coconut water comes from a fully ripened coconut, which is loaded with electrolytes.

"We think the cleanest, greenest and most sustainable coconut water in the marketplace comes from brands that use coconut water concentrate. One gallon of coconut water concentrate makes more than 18 gallons of single-strength coconut water. To make, freeze and store frozen coconut water concentrate does require extra energy, however, it takes more than 18 ocean containers to transport single-strength coconut water versus one container for coconut water concentrate. From an environmental standpoint, it is best to import coconut water concentrate and to reconstitute coconut water immediately prior to packaging," says van Manen.

When selecting a source for coconut water, iTi Tropicals, Inc. urges customers to carry out authenticity testing to make sure no sugars, additives and/or preservatives are added. "Personally, I love coconut water but I only drink the brands that either clearly label no sugar added on the front of the packaging or the brands that are made from concentrate," says van Manen. "We urge every retailer to ask the brands to label no sugar added on their packaging. We welcome initiatives like Fair trade, and will do our utmost to further this initiative. But, first things first,  we want to help make sure that what is sold in the grocery stores is indeed authentic and has no sugar added." van Manen continues, "At iTi Tropicals, nothing is added to our coconut water concentrate-no sugars, no citric acid, no potassium and no sulfur dioxide. We know where and how it is produced, from plantation to coconut water concentrate, and we give our customers confidence in declaring ‘no sugar added' on their products."

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iTi Tropicals, Inc. is an independent company headquartered in Lawrenceville, NJ. Its sole business is importing high quality tropical and exotic fruit puree & concentrates. They are constantly searching the globe for manufacturers who meet their high tropical and exotic fruit standards. In business for over 25 years, iTi Tropicals has become one of the leading US suppliers of processed exotic tropical fruits. Over time they have established many long-standing relationships with their suppliers. These relationships enable them to guarantee a reliable and quality supply of tropical fruit for their customers. They also provide complete service with their fruit products including the expertise of their in-house Food Scientist with backgrounds in Quality Assurance and Product Development. iTi Tropicals maintains an inventory of both frozen and aseptic tropical and exotic purees, juices, and concentrates throughout the USA. Their focus is on products such as: coconut cream, banana, guava, papaya, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, Açaí, acerola, mangosteen, tamarind and since 2009, the groundbreaking coconut water concentrate.


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