iTi News from: 02-2014  

Coconut Water + Acerola = a delicious, naturally acidified, 100% juice concentrate!


Acerola on the leaf

Leading supplier of coconut water concentrates iTi Tropicals is pleased to offer a new coconut water concentrate product acidified with acerola concentrate.

Seeking an improved acidified coconut water, iTi evaluated lemon juice, lime juice and other fruit concentrates and acidulants. They discovered that acerola blends well with coconut water concentrate without imparting a characteristic citrus taste. The resulting blend is a 100% juice concentrate that is all natural and delicious.

Acerola and Coconut WaterThe active acid in acerola is naturally-occurring ascorbic acid or vitamin C. Often called a ‘superfruit', acerola has extremely high levels of Vitamin C not stored by the body. In fact, the resulting blend at pH below 4.35 has enough vitamin C to deliver 100% of the US daily value per serving when reconstituted to a single-strength of 4.3-brix (before losses due to processing and shelf-life). (This daily value level is without any vitamin C contribution from any other ingredient.)

This special blend also has a high volume dilution factor of over 17.8. This means that one volume of concentrate blend can be reconstituted with 16.8 volumes of water to achieve single-strength 100% juice in accordance with FDA guidelines in 21 CFR 101.3. For more information on how coconut water dilution factors are calculated, click here.

Both products used in this unique blend of concentrates come from valued, long-term iTi suppliers. As a result, users get the usual assurances of quality, regulatory compliance and reliable supply that are the norm for iTi products.

Packaging plants that are restricted from handling low-acid ingredients now have a way to package delicious products containing coconut water.

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