iTi News from: 09-2013  

iTi Tropicals Inc., continues to lead the way in both coconut water and cream, offering customers numerous different options:

Single strength coconut water and pulp

  1. Single strength coconut water.
  2. Single strength young coconut water
  3. Dices of young meat or pulp 5x 5mm in size to float in the water . For more info go to iTi Tropicals youtube channel at: Click Here .

Coconut water concentrate

  1. Frozen concentrate 60 brix
  2. Frozen young coconut water concentrate 60 brix
  3. Frozen Organic coconut water 60 brix
  4. Acidified Coconut Water Concentrate   60 brix

The acidified is offering high –acid plants an option to use CWC to maintain and/or increase juice content while lowering caloric load. Acidified coconut water concentrate (CWC) is an excellent blending juice where high juice content is desired, and production occurs at a facility that can not process low acid products. iTi is pleased to announce the availability of 60 brix Acidified CWC with a pH below 4.6.

Overall, for more details on using CWC blends to lower calories and achieve 100% juice labeling, visit:

Natural coconut water is the water inside a coconut. It is naturally filtered for nine to twelve months through the dense fibers of the coconut creating a nutritious, pure and refreshing isotonic beverage. Coconut water is naturally sterile and has five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, no added sugars, no fat, no cholesterol and no preservatives. It is excellent for replacing lost electrolytes from exercise and illness. It can be incorporated into many beverage applications and is regarded as a natural sports drink. Young coconut water comes from nuts that are 3-4 months old and are not grown for the production of coconut meat.

It is important to distinguish coconut water from coconut cream and coconut milk. Coconut cream is a smooth, thick liquid made from the meat of fresh coconuts. To make coconut cream, grated coconut meat is pressed to release the white liquid cream. The principle fatty acid in coconut cream is lauric acid, which is the same fat found in abundance in mother's milk, is known to promote normal brain development and promote health bones. It can enhance the aroma and taste of many dishes and is widely used in curries, cakes, desserts as well as alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Coconut cream can be widely used in curries, desserts and cakes. iTi supplies coconut cream both with and without stabilizers as well as organic coconut cream without stabilizers and coconut milk powder. Coconut cream is also used to make coconut milk beverages. Coconut milk is watered down coconut cream.

When selecting a source for coconut water we urge our customers to carry out authenticity testing to make sure no sugars, additives, and/or preservatives are added.

With the recent increased interest in coconut based products we would like to confirm that the coconut cream / water from iTi tropicals Inc., are free of sulfites, free of added sugar and free of added preservatives.

Our plants do not use any Sodium Metabisulfite in the processing of the coconuts. Sodium Metabisulfite is used as a preservative agent to maintain freshness and color. Many commercial coconut products in the market have Sodium Metabisulfite to prolong their shelf life. Sulfites are known to cause allergic symptoms and food product developers are trying to stay away from it.