iTi News from: 02-2012  

Reminder that the season for these items including the coconut pulp dices 5x 5mm starts June through January so if you are planning to introduce a coconut water with floating pieces of pulp, we need to learn your requirements soon.

Continuing our innovation in coconut water, iTi Tropicals is pleased to introduce three new experimental coconut products:

  • Frozen Young coconut water
  • Frozen Young coconut water concentrate 60 brix
  • Frozen Young coconut pulp 5x5 mm

These products are from the Thai Fragrant variety of coconut. Prices of Thai Fragrant young coconuts are significantly higher because these young coconuts are harvested primarily for the water and not for the meat. The season for these products is from June through January.

These products are experimental, therefore we do not have large commercial quantities available. We make these products available so R&D can work with them, conduct pilot tests and trials. We will continue to pursue commercial levels of production based on a variety of factors, especially customer demand.

Request your samples soon as our supply of this product is limited and we expect demand to be strong.