iTi News from: 09-2011  

Coconut Water: A Refreshing Blend Idea

What is Coconut Water?

Coconut water is the translucent, free flowing liquid obtained from the inside of a coconut.  Sometimes referred to as coconut juice, coconut water should not be confused with coconut milk or coconut cream, which are processed from the white "meat" of the coconut.

For many years, coconut water has been used as a natural source of hydration, wellness, and beauty.  Coconut water is nutritious, low in calories, fat fee and has no cholesterol.  It is also a very good source of potassium and a good source of magnesium.  Barely processed, containing no refined sugars, and with only one ingredient on its ingredient list, coconut water is nature's own miracle sports drink. 

The health benefits of coconut water are widely accepted.  100% natural coconut water is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a natural isotonic juice and a natural source of essential electrolytes.  The "water or fluid of life" which has a similar chemical makeup to human blood plasma naturally provides effective hydration and mineral replenishment for aiding bodily and muscular functions.


Coconut Water as an Ingredient

Coconut water can be safely labeled as 100% juice.  In 2004, the IFU had determined that coconut water is a fruit juice and is therefore subject to the regulations of Codex.  The new Codex General Standard for Fruit Juices and Nectars was  adopted by the end of 2005.   US FDA also recognizes coconut water as 100% juice.

In addition to health benefits and 100% juice labeling, what makes using coconut water concentrate (CWC) so compelling is that the standard for CWC is 5 brix.  Thus a 60 brix concentrate can be diluted from 6.436 solids to 0.424 solids per gallon.  This equates to one gallon of concentrate to 15.2 gallons of single strength.  The equivalent of 100 truckloads of pineapple concentrate result in approximately 600 loads of single strength juice while 100 truckload of CWC result in approximately more than 2 ½ times this or 1,500 loads of single strength juice.


Simple Blend Ideas

Working with coconut water presents an opportunity to create a lower calorie, 100% juice blend that is innovative yet simple.  To demonstrate some possibilities, we have developed seven blend ideas, each containing only 4 ingredients.  The constants are apple juice concentrate, banana puree and coconut water concentrate.  The fourth is an exotic fruit that we also supply.

Apple juice is used to incorporate a commodity, which can also be interchanged with other common juices such as grape and pear.   Banana puree is included to give the product consistency.  Including coconut water lowers overall calories while the use of an exotic fruit provides consumer interest, marketing opportunities and appealing nutritional/labeling possibilities.

So... four ingredients.  Simple, appealing, tasty and low in calories while maintaining 100% juice claims!


Coconut Water Comparisons


Another Idea: Cranberry

The prospect of a cranberry/coconut blend is particularly interesting as a 100% cranberry juice is commercially infeasable due to its inherent tartness.  Blending cranberry with coconut water presents a very interesting, low calorie, healthy product.  Also, blending coconut water with high calorie products like apple and red concord grape juices sharply reduce calories per serving, while coconut water imparts minimal flavor.

Your Source for Coconut Water

Because we believe so strongly in the potential of CWC, we are offering exclusive product formulation services to our customers.  iTi's research and development technologists can help you develop formulas for new products or reformulate existing ones.  We are equipped to provide samples as well as conduct seminars and demonstrations in order to educate our customers about coconut water and other exotic fruits.  iTi would also like to extend an invitation to visit our test kitchen for a hands-on demonstration of our products and applications which may be relevant to your business.  You can work side-by-side with our R&D staff in the preparation of prototypes using your formulation or relying on our library of prototype formulas as a starting point for your product.  Let us help you take the guesswork out of your development and move your new product along to market introduction.  Contact us today for further information.