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Coconut Water FAQs

Question:What acidified coconut waters do you have available?


Answer:We have iTi item 2000 which is CWC 60 °brix acidified with citric acid and with a pH of 4.2 or lower based on 60 °brix and a PH of 4.5 when reconstituted to 4.2 °brix. We also have item 2450 which is a blend of CWC 60 °brix and acerola concentrate. The acerola blend has a pH of 4.3 at 60 °brix and a pH of 4.6 when reconstituted to 4.2 °brix. The latter inherently provides 100% of the vitamin C Daily Value without the addition of synthetic ascorbic acid (not counting shelf-life or processing losses).

(Note: Answers are based on the current US Code of Federal Regulations. Other countries may have different requirements.)