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Coconut Water FAQs

Question:What if we have high acid processing facilities in USA and we who would like to produce blends with coconut water?



Good news for high acid processing facilities: acidified coconut water for juice blends! Acidified Coconut Water Concentrate - A new juice ingredient alternative from iTi Tropicals.

iTi continues to lead the way in coconut water! For facilities that have difficulty handling low-acid ingredients low-acid approval provides there is another option for achieving a 100% juice beverage while reducing caloric loads. Acidified coconut water concentrate (iTi item 2000) is an excellent blending juice where high juice content is desired, and production occurs at a facility that cannot process receive low acid products ingredients. iTi is pleased to announce the availability of 60 brix coconut water concentrates having reduced pH. Samples are available for immediate bench-top work.

(Note: Answers are based on the current US Code of Federal Regulations. Other countries may have different requirements.)