iTi Product Batch Size:

Juice or Concentrate Type Commercial Concentrate Brix FDA Brix Single Strength Cost ($) per Gallon Conc.
Cost ($) per single strength 8-ounce serving
Calories per single strength 8-ounce serving Weight Percent of Recipe Ingredient Cost ($) per serving Ingredient Calories per serving
Apple Juice
72 11.5
Pear Juice
65 12.0
Orange Juice
65 11.8
Coconut Water
60 5.0*
Coconut Water
60 4.2**
Pineaple Juice
61 12.8
White Grape Juice
65 16
Red Grape Juice
65 16
50 7.5
65 14.3
Cherry, dark sweet
68 20
Cherry, red sour
68 14


Total product batch size in gallons: Total Batch Ingredient Cost $  


According to Codex
The US Food and Drug Administration has not yet issued a single-strength standard for juices made from coconut water concentrate. In the absence of an FDA standard, the 'directly expressed' juice solids prior to concentration need to be used. Harvest solids of coconut water are typically between 3.8 ºbrix and 4.2 ºbrix.
Single-strength juice concentration is based on 21 CFR 101.30. Freight, storage, handling and other costs should be considered. Calories given are typical for retail products and should be used for comparison only. FDA requires that the nutritional content be confirmed by testing actual product.